Ink Refill

Does ink/toner refilling affect printout quality?

Refilling won't affect the quality of the printout. The quality will depend on the condition and proper handling of the cartridge. The more the cartridge is used, the more wear and tear it accumulates.

How many times can an ink/toner cartridge be refilled?

The number of refills vary for cartridges from brand to brand. Condition and proper handling will play a big part in cartridge longevity. The more the cartridge is used, the less ink it can absorb and the higher the probability of it wearing out.

How can I properly maintain a cartridge?

  • Use the cartridge at least once a week to avoid clog up
  • Have your cartridge refilled immediately after ink has run
  • Do not let anything touch the head of the cartridge to avoid unnecessary scratches and ink overflow
Remanufactured Ink and Toner Cartridge
Are remanufactured cartridges durable?
Remanufactured cartridges are oem cartridges that have been refilled for the first time. Before releasing, each cartridge has undergone numerous tests to ensure quality and durability. Based on our research, remanufactured cartridges may last as long depending on use and proper handling.
Continuous Ink Flow System (CISS)
Will availing of a continuous ink flow system damage my printer?
We have converted more than 50,000 printers. Printer, like any other electronics should be cared for and properly maintained. Most printer damages are caused by improper handling. The way the CISS works is by attaching an external tank outside the printer and connecting the tank to the cartridge using a tube. We do not do any major modifications on how a printer functions.
Our customers have converted printers that have lasted more than 4 years. The life of a printer will be dependent on how the printer is maintained and handled.
How can I prolong the life of my converted printer?
  • Always carry the printer in the upright position.
  • Print at least once a week using the black and colored cartridge to avoid clog up
Will having my printer converted lose its printer warranty?
With each conversion, printer warranty is voided. With this in mind, we offer printers bundled with CISS. You get to take advantage of the benefits of a CISS while having the peace of mind knowing your printer warranty is intact. Inkrite bundles printers will cover 6 months of  printer warranty from the date of purchase.
*Bundled CISS includes the CISS 6-month warranty and FREE lifetime service.
**Lifetime service refers to troubleshooting printer problems for free excluding necessary printer parts needed for the printer to function.