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Inkrite Ink Refilling Station provides consumers an affordable, yet effective alternative for their printing needs. Inkrite offers refills, remanufactured cartridges and CISS among many others.

Inkrite also provides companies a way to reduce costs and avoid the hassle of their printers breaking down. With our Managed Print Services (MPS) program, companies just have to pay their monthly dues, and we do the rest.

Inkrite Ink Refilling Station is one of the pioneers of the Ink Industry in the Philippines. For the past 10 years, Inkrite has continuously developed its technical expertise, and reliable customer service to ensure that its customers get what they paid for and truly deserve. Added to that, Inkrite continues to provide innovative products to help Filipinos reduce printing costs.

If you choose Inkrite, you choose commitment to quality, excellent customer service and continuous innovation.

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